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Understanding Homeowners Insurance Policies

Lawyers in Charleston SCIt is important to know and understand what is inside and comprises a certain insurance company’s policies before engaging to any insurance company. Home Owners Insurance Policy is intended to safeguard home owners towards certain perils. Usually, there are deductibles to file insurance claim for every homes unless noted.  Here is a helpful rundown of what to look for and look out for from a Group of lawyers in Charleston SC – fell free to visit them and take them up on a free legal consultation on most law case types at:

Insurance policies for home owners are defined by identified perils and exclusions of a certain policy. Most policies in this kind of insurance are usually divided into two. The first one is the home insurance property protection and the second is home insurance liability protection.

The following are given policies for home owners’ insurance property protection:

1. Dwelling

  • this includes the entire physical aspect of the house
  • it also covers the house fixtures like permanently installed air conditioning, built-in appliances, electrical wiring, heating and even plumbing

2. Other Structures

  • these are the detached structures like driveways, fences, patios, garages, sidewalk, storage sheds and retaining walls
  • detached structures that are us for business purposes are not included in the home owners policy

3. Personal Property

  • this typically includes the fillings of the home and other items personally owned by the insured and the family living together with you
  • this kind of protection are based from cost replacement and the actual cash value
  • insurance policies may give limited coverage to small boats, thus, most insurance policies does not cover motor vehicles if and only if they are unlicensed and are used for home only

4. Loss of Use

  • this covers the living expenses by the time that you are not living in your own home while there are repairs made in your house

5. Additional Property Coverage

  • they may provide removal of rubbles towards fire-department services, removal of property, collapsed buildings, breakage of glass, illegal credit cards use and even breakage of glass brought by perils

For Liability Coverage, this follows the given policy:

1. Personal Liability

  • this section covers against claim and lawsuit that results from injured body and damage of property that are caused by accident on the property or if it is brought by personal activities in any places
  • auto and business protection of connected incidents are not provided
  • this policy protects the insured and the family member who lives together with the insured

2. Medical payments

  • this gives payment of medical expenses to those who are injured accidentally on the property regardless of a mistake
  • it is not applicable to injuries of the insured or even to his/her family member who lives with the insured

In every home owners insurance policy there are prohibitions. Some policy does not cover animal injuries, aircraft and its part or even motor vehicles damages. Cover losses because of damage brought by war or hazards from nuclear, water damage brought by sewer backups, floods, and earthquakes; failure of power; dry rot; and negligence.

Different home owners’ insurance company means different covered policy and exclusions. So better look for the company that will best benefit you