About us

At Denis Lyle we are a full service real estate investment company featuring services not offered by most of the competition. We concentrate on the high end of our market and invest in our own inventory and we always put making our investors money ahead of our desire for growth. We ensure our clients only purchase the properties that fit their financial goals and have a high ROI. We offer also a legal team and preferred mortgage specialist to help create a smooth flow of revenue producing options for you our “big fish”.

Before we locate a property that fits our standards to pass on to our investors we look through a large number of properties! What exactly does “under market” mean to us? We define as a property that’s below marketplace:

The 3 comps have to be within 200 square feet /- of the living space of the subject property

In case you view one of our properties that are available which you wish to submit an offer on, just submit it back to us via e-mail at [email protected] and complete our visit our submission page here.

Unless your offer is really all cash, you’ll need to submit a proof of the acceptance as well as funds from a hard money lender by means of your offer.

Most of our properties sell very fast, but we do take backup contracts.

Once a closure date is created, it is important that you close on the date that is hoped-for to be able to prevent contract fees.

Added services are offered by us. We can supply contracting teams, real estate property management, and rental representatives for additional fees. These services have been valuable for our international customers who might not have local representation close to the subject property.  From legal to financing we are here to help.